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About Us

Hey You. . . ! !

Yeah YOU!! Willingly checking out our About us page...Hmmmm...., we see you are a curious one. *wink* *wink*

Alright then…LET’S GET STARTED


So, we here at THE ODD PRANI are totally determined to get you the fashion fix using your favourite characters from all over and the creations from the minds of the odd prani.

A lot of you guys must be wondering,

“Tu Hai Kaun…??” (WHO ARE YOU?)

So, to answer that question; Remember when Thanos snapped his fingers and universe fell apart; half of population just vanished into thin, thats when The Odd Prani was born, from the ashes of the world…
Pffftt… Just kidding; that’s not how it went down. It all started when two minds came up with an idea to bring a cool range of products an odd prani like you deserve.

Now that we have told you who we are you must be wondering


The reason THE ODD PRANI came to existence is, whenever we surf online, we have a basic idea as to what we are looking for and buy the thing that excites us the most out of the lot.

So just like that we were surfing online to find stuff that would excite us, the good old internet failed and offered the usual mundane things, that’s when we realised like us a lot of you out there would also be failing in this task and this is where the idea to create something where we can give you all absolutely unique stuff (which you won’t find anywhere else unless someone plagiarizes it ) that would excite you.

So, by keeping that as an inspiration “THE ODD PRANI” was born.

Now that we have told you who we are and why are we here you must be thinking, Hmm but...,


We chose the name, THE ODD PRANI because this name defined us perfectly as we believe in the idea of being, thinking and doing ‘out of the box’ and everything that is out of the box and everything that is different is considered odd and we are such odd individuals.

So, we truly being odd and a prani we decided to name it THE ODD PRANI.

PS: Don’t forget ODD IS THE NEW COOL.

Finally, now that you know who we are, why we came into existence, how we came up with this name, the only question that remains is



First of all, we would like to tell you that even though we are millennials and are often considered to be the rule breakers and in some cases we are, One rule we believe and abide by is the age old rule,

So, abiding by this rule you can believe us when we say the service you get from us will truly suit the royalty in you; That being said We at the odd prani are gonna bring you stuff that embraces the odd in you.

We believe that everyone should have a fair opportunity in showing off how different they are, truly how odd they are and we are gonna help you show off the odd in you because